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January 30, 2018 - Weigh-In Struggle (The Lost Files - Part 2)

A little about me...

Hi, I am Heather. I live in Massachusetts and I have 3 cute pugs.

I am just under 5'2" and my current weight is around 560+ lbs. My weight varies and it generally to the degree of upward. When I began modeling I was barely 280 pounds. So as you can see, I have changed quite a bit.

I have been a BBW model for over 10 years and have been featured mostly in Dimensions Magazine Cover Issues and Videos. I have also had non-nude appearances and cover appearances in Plumpers and Big Women & BUF Magazine.

I actually have had my website for quite some time and have received well over a million hits when it was free. Basically, running my site became very costly and time consuming. Therefore, I have decided to make this site a members only access site.

If you have visited my site before and are upset that now you must pay. I apologize, but hope that you will find that all of the work I put into the site for members, will be worth it for you.  I hope that you will support my endeavor. If you are unable to participate as a member, I will try my best to post a few pictures every once in awhile in the PREVIEW section below. 

Thanks again! Fat Hugs, Heather



All of my picture galleries are generally between 20-100 pictures and include 1 video clip or more. 

We have many updates for each guest model and more guest models will be added too!

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SuperMishe Montana Amazon Terri Cheesecake Karoline
Sylvia CuteFatChick Spice Desirae  


        And let's not forget.... Sexy Supersized Sizzling Sable - Huge Ass, Hips & Belly!

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